To live a superb gaming experience and multiply their winnings in sports betting, each player is looking for the best bookmaker to place their bets. If each sports betting site has its advantages, some stand out and will be prioritized when registering. On this page dedicated to the election of the best bookmaker, we, therefore, offer you a comparison established by our experts, which will help you in your search for the ideal bookmaker. For your choice, do not hesitate to consult the various sports betting promo codes of the moment.

What is a bookmaker?

First of all, what exactly is a bookmaker? If you are new to betting and you are not yet familiar with this world of online betting, know that a bookmaker is a game professional who offers you to win money by betting on sporting events, all in exchange for an initial bet. Originally from the United Kingdom, for the most part, bookmakers have long established themselves in France, first physically, then today online via the heyday of websites.

Online betting, the heyday of bookmakers

Today, best online bookies are those favoured by sports bettors. Practical, simple and fluid, they allow you to bet at any time of the day.

As far as bets are concerned, the principle is simple, each probability around an event is accompanied by a rating on which you can bet money. Suppose you want to bet on a victory of Marseille against Paris in Ligue 1. If the odds offered for the success of OM is 2.00 and you decide to bet €10, you will obtain gross winnings of €20 from the bookmaker in the event of a Marseille triumph. On the contrary, if PSG wins or the duel ends in a draw, your €10 bet will simply go into the bookmaker’s coffers. This is the very essence of sports betting, and more generally of online betting.

Comparison of bookmakers

We explain here how we established our ranking of the best sports betting sites, with some of the criteria taken into account by our bookmaker specialists.

Here are the important criteria for our ranking:

  • Site security
  • The quality of the site
  • The diversity of sports betting
  • The level of odds
  • The welcome bonus
  • The promotions
  • Payment methods
  • Client service

As you can see, many criteria are taken into account for our ranking of the best sites, and they are not the only ones. Read on to find out more.

The level of odds

In addition to reliability (financial strength), reputation (licenses obtained), quality of transactions (means of payment accepted, fees on deposits of money, etc.), or even the live betting offer, we have analyzed in a first what really interests you, namely the level of the odds.

Whether on football, tennis, basketball or rugby, each discipline is open to bets on all sites and is subject to betting. To rank the bookmakers in our comparison, we first took care to compare the values ​​offered for each bet, out of hundreds of proposals.

The quality of the site

A second important point to determine the best sports betting site, is the quality of the site itself. Since you are going to spend many minutes, even hours for the most gamers among you, on the site of your choice, the proposed interface is of extreme importance to us.

Whether it’s the quality of the design or the browsing performance (page loading time, fluidity, intuitiveness, etc.), many aspects come into focus in this criterion and will be essential for your experience. After numerous tests, which are also continued daily, our team has therefore rated each bookmaker to constitute a second rating in our ranking.

The diversity of sports betting

The third criterion that we wanted to highlight, is the diversity of the bets offered. A bit like the level of the odds offered, the variety of markets on which you can play also counts for a lot in our classification. The sites that therefore offer more bets on very specific events, new markets or even varied competitions are thus rewarded by our specialists in their ranking. The betting panels offered are of great importance in the quality of a bookmaker. The best sports betting sites must be rich in variety.

The welcome bonus

Then, the fourth main criterion that we took into account in our ranking is the quality of the welcome bonus. In addition to one-off promotions and other challenges that you find throughout the year on betting sites, each bookmaker offers a welcome bonus to its newcomers. It can be in the form of cash, a free bet, or even a doubling of the first deposit.

After having analyzed all the bookmaker’s bonuses, we have therefore rated each site for the interest of its proposed bonus, from the amount granted to its nature through its conditions of obtaining. A criterion that you will undoubtedly appreciate, coming directly into play in your first steps at the bookmaker.

Client service

Finally, the last essential aspect: customer service. While other ratings were of course taken into consideration when compiling our complete list of the best bookmakers, this remains one of the most important in our opinion. Whether it is to answer the bettor’s questions, solve small problems or simply inform you from a practical point of view, each bookmaker must be available for you. With this in mind, we have therefore inquired about all the means that each site makes available to you (email, telephone, chat, letters, etc.) to help you. One of the priority criteria for Sportytrader, since it is the one that will guarantee you a perfectly controlled gaming experience. The best bookmakers are often those who best support their subscribers. Do not forget it.